Whatever you can give indicators about your personality and how you arrange your hair makes no exception.
Let’s see how your hairstyle reveals personality! If you prefer short hair that you do not exceed the length of the shoulder, it means you are a person with exquisite artistic quality. Do you like to spend hours arranging your hair, and you’re a pragmatic person?

Do you like to jump in help friends when they need you and not disappoint anyone, once you’ve made a promise? You know how you put the beauty and your hair will always express elegance. If your hair is curly hair curly naturally means that you are exhibiting emotional stability every time.

Whether you wear your hair long or short, you are a person who spends much time in front of the mirror and you are very attentive to details. You are also very attractive and feminine and you know how you put the beauty, and any man would be lucky to have you by my side. As a woman, you are a firefighter and strong. Many women prefer long hair, although it is slightly more difficult to maintain and style. Long hair says about you that you are a patient person, but make use of your skills to attract the eyes of others.

Are you an innate romantic and like freedom, so it’s hard to keep a long term relationship. Seem as if you like to wear your hair straight, it means you have a dominant personality and you like to be surrounded by friends. Simple hairstyles you like, love sport and relaxation and you will always look oasis.

Experts have concluded that any decision they take, however small it is, to say something about our personality.
Even the color of your nail polish personality betrays!

Most times, we choose nail polish according to outfit or mood. But sometimes we “love” with a particular color and do not want to give up it.

If you like your nails to be black, this betrays a creative and nonconformist personality.

Neon colors say about you that you are an energetic and strong, very bold nature that is not influenced by the different opinions of others.

And pastel shades can say something. Those who use these colors are calm and balanced, very diplomatic, and who prefer not to stand out.

If you choose a wire orange you are impulsive, quickly bored and you have no patience with those around you.

Be careful, if your favorite color is blue or blue nail polish, this means a depressive personality.

One of the most loved and worn shades of nail polish, neurotic natures betray women who get angry easily, the wonder why.

Those who prefer French manicures are very attentive to detail and perfectionist.

Women who wear purple are mature, balanced, and have a strong sexuality.


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