Verstappen breaks the F1 record for the most victories in a season

Verstappen breaks the F1 record for the most victories in a season

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Max Verstappen of Red Bull, a two-time world champion, won the Mexico City Grand Prix on Sunday to establish a record for the most victories and points in a single Formula One season with 14.

At the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, the Dutch driver took the lead after qualifying in pole position, stopped on lap 26 of 71 to swap from soft to medium tyres, and won by a margin of 15.186 seconds over Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton.

“It’s been an incredible year so far, we are definitely enjoying it and we’ll try to go for more,” said Verstappen

In front of a boisterous home audience, Sergio Perez of Red Bull came in third after a race that was mostly about tyre strategy and lacking in excitement.

The podium remained the same as last year, as Verstappen, 25, won for the fourth time in Mexico.

Last weekend in Austin, Texas, he tied German champions Sebastian Vettel (2013) and Michael Schumacher (2004) for the most victories in a season with 13.

However, there are more races currently than there were back then, with 22 races in the 2022 season as opposed to 19 in 2013 and 18 in 2004.

Verstappen increased his total points to 416, which is three more than the previous record set by Hamilton in 2019 and 136 more than Perez, who rose to second overall.

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