Trampoline Tricks for Beginners

If you just got your trampoline park pass to iSaute, then you better be ready to start doing some awesome jumps, flips, and tricks. If you are new to the trampoline world, then you might want to start with just learning some basic tricks to have ready-to-use in your repertoire. As you visit the trampoline park more often, you will be able to expound upon your tricks and get more comfortable with bigger jumps.

The first jump you will want to try is a basic front flip. If you know how to somersault, and front flip is just a somersault that you do in the air, and you land on your feet. Start by jumping and continue until you have reached a good height. At the peak of your jump, bring your knees up to your chest and tuck your head down. Use your arms to get your momentum up and to carry you thru the flip. After you have mastered this trick, you can take it to the next level by jumping higher and adding more flips. While you are at the trampoline park, you can incorporate your front flip while jumping between trampolines and over the barriers.

Another really easy trick that you are now ready for is the backflip. The backflip is just as easy as the front flip. On the trampoline, jump until you are getting at least 3 feet of air. At the start of a jump, lean your head back and arch your back. If you jumped high enough, your legs will naturally follow and you will land pack on your feet. If you were to take a video from the side of a perfect backflip, you would see that your head would stay in relatively the same position, while your body and legs flip around and over your head. The same idea of this trick applies to the trampoline park; once you master it, you can jump higher and incorporate more flips into just one jump. Some trampoline parks have trampoline walls so you can run and jump off of those and land backflips as well.

If you are a little nervous to try these two tricks at first, you can always start with the basics by jumping high, and at the top of your jump, sit down. After you land on your bottom, you can jump back up to a standing position. This doesn’t involve any flipping, and it is one of the safest tricks you could do. One of the most common mistakes that jumpers make is that they land with straight or even just slightly bent legs.

The correct form that you should have when you are landing is with bent legs so that when you make contact with the surface of the trampoline you can just spring right back up but have both of your legs to push off with. If you don’t know how to use your arms during this process, you will want to start by using them to swing you upwards. As you begin to push off of the surface of the trampoline, you will want to swing your arms up and then lower them back down as you begin your descent.

At the very peak of your jump, just right before your descent, you will want to lower your bottom into a sitting position and bend your legs by bringing your knees in close to your chest. One of the most important things you will need to master is learning to jump and get air. If you don’t use this trick properly, you won’t learn how to jump high enough to land the more difficult tricks and flips. If you follow these tips, you will be landing flips and tricks like the trampoline pros in no time!

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