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Things to Consider Before Using a Surgical Blade and OT Dress

There are several things to consider before using a Surgical Blade. This article will discuss how to choose the right blade for the procedure, how to ensure it is sharp, and why nonmagnetic surgical blades are better for certain types of procedures. If you’re planning a major procedure, you’ll want to consider the type of blade you choose before surgery. The right surgical blade will help you complete the procedure efficiently and safely. However, you should also be aware of its benefits.

Postoperative care with a scalpel

During surgery, the surgeon will use a bladed surgical instrument called a scalpel. The blades are made of carbon or stainless steel and can be of various sizes. They are used for cutting the skin and are held with three points of tension to prevent skin tearing. Before cutting, the surgeon should make sure that the blade is held perpendicular to the skin to prevent beveling and the spread of infection.

The primary outcome of the study was the pain experienced by patients after tonsillectomy. Secondary outcomes included intraoperative blood loss, delayed postoperative bleeding, and scarring. The study found clinical heterogeneity due to the characteristics of the participants and the intervention, which included harmonic scalpel and bipolar diathermy. Subgroup analyses were performed based on similarity of intervention, timing, and outcome measurement.

Sharpness of surgical blades

A surgeon’s sharpness is an important parameter for cutting human skin and tissues. In addition to its effectiveness, sharpness has other important effects, including pain, sharps injury, infection transmission, and the amount of energy needed for the procedure. Sharpness can also improve the overall safety of the surgery, especially for patients who are prone to infection. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing the right surgical blade. Keep reading to find out how to determine your blade’s sharpness.

Surgical blades have numbers on them. The number indicates the size and shape of the blade. The numbering system on scalpels dates back to 1915 when Morgan Parker first invented the two-piece design of the blade and handle. Morgan Parker patented a cold sterilisation process for surgical blades, which helped preserve their sharpness. As a result, surgeons began naming their blades after themselves and their initials. Today, a similar numbering system is commonly used in the medical field.

Types of surgical blades

There are many types of surgical blades. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right one depends on the type of surgery, the surgeon’s experience, and the physical design of the operating room. Before selecting a surgical blade, surgeons should research its advantages and disadvantages. Surgical blades are numbered to describe its size and shape. This numerical designation is also considered a shorthand for the blade’s characteristics.

Carbon steel and stainless steel blades are the two most common types of surgical instruments. Carbon steel blades tend to rust in moist conditions, while stainless steel blades remain sharp and uncorroded. Choosing a surgical blade based on its materials is a matter of preference. Stainless steel blades are better for making multiple incisions, while carbon steel blades are best for initial sharpness and durability. Surgical blades can also be strengthened with various coatings.

Nonmagnetic surgical blades

The first physician to describe a surgical blade was Hippocrates, who outlined the shape of today’s surgical blade. This shape hasn’t changed much since then, with the shape of the blade being customized according to the type of procedure. There are two types of surgical blades: magnetic and nonmagnetic. Magnetic surgical blades are better for some procedures, and nonmagnetic ones are better for others.


Ceramic needle drivers made from titanium have several advantages for small animal surgical procedures, including their magnetic resistance and nonmagnetic nature. Titanium is an alloy that is 40% lighter than stainless steel and has the tensile strength of carbon steel. Titanium is a nonmagnetic material that resists corrosion and staining, and is temperature-resistant up to 430 degrees Celsius. They are also compatible with iMRI.

The Use of OT Dress

The sterile OT Dress is a mandatory requirement for surgeons in the operating room. It serves as a barrier between the patient and the surgical team, reducing the risk of cross contamination and maintaining sterility in the operating room. Moreover, the gown is unisex, so it can be used by both men and women. Its benefits outweigh its drawbacks. Here are some advantages of the sterile OT dress.

OT Dress protects the entire surgical team, including the surgeon and the anesthesiologist. The surgical team wears sterile surgical scrubs and a gown to prevent contamination. Moreover, the OT dress prevents the patient from getting any disease or infection. In addition, it protects the sterile operating room and prevents the risk of nasopharyngeal colonization. Thus, the use of sterile OT gowns is essential for keeping the operating room clean and sterile.

The Use of OT Dress can vary greatly, according to the location. School-based OTs tend to wear more durable clothing. Their choice of clothing will depend on their caseload and the type of physical activity they engage in. Hence, OTs must wear clothes that allow them to move around, sit on the floor, and get messy. At the same time, OTs must wear clothes that allow them to use executive function skills.

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