The Best Time to Visit Japan

Japan has four unique seasons throughout the year, ensuring a season for every tourist. The ideal time to visit Japan depends on what you want to see and do in the country of the rising sun.

While temperatures vary greatly between Hokkaido in the north and Okinawa in the south, Japan has beautiful weather for most of the year. Japan is a year-round destination (if you can endure the summer heat!) for cherry blossom watching, winter skiing in Hokkaido, and fall color gazing.

Spring is a popular season to visit Japan because of the famed cherry blossoms. But the cherry blossom season is short and popular, so expect crowds.

Summer in Japan brings the country’s worst weather, with wet days followed by sweltering heat and humidity.

Fall gives welcome reprieve with cool days, clear sky, and vibrant autumn colors. In the winter, temperatures drop, and snow blankets parts of northern Japan, creating a magnificent winter wonderland or a winter sports adventure playground.


The Best Time to Visit Japan

There are numerous reasons to visit Japan in the fall.

One is the cooling off from the scorching summer heat.

In early autumn, the humidity drops to almost zero, and temperatures drop to approximately 14 °C/57 °F by November.

Throughout the season, the days are bright and the sky is blue.

The spectacular seasonal hues prevalent across Japan make fall a terrific time to visit.

Autumn in Japan is a spectacular sight, with woods, parks, and gardens bursting with brilliant orange, red, and yellow leaves.

As a result, trains and hotels are generally fully booked in the fall.

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The Best Time to Visit Japan

Winter is a great season to visit Japan.

The winter months are typically the coldest, yet the days are generally bright, albeit short (it typically gets dark before 5 pm).

Winter is a fantastic season to visit Japan if you want to save money on hotels and airfares.

Winter is the best time to visit Japan if you like snow activities.

With so much snow in the north, Japan boasts multiple world-class ski resorts that attract millions of people each year.

From the 28th of December to the 3rd of January, many businesses, including restaurants, cafés, and tourist attractions, close completely.


The Best Time to Visit Japan

 Photo by Bagus Pangestu from Pexels

Spring is a great time to visit Japan.

Thanks to the gorgeous cherry blossom season, travelers from all over the globe fly into Japan.

Many Japanese people come across the nation to view the brilliant pink blossoms when they are in season.

The cherry blossom season is brief, commencing in the south of Japan at the end of March and ending in Hokkaido towards the end of April.

Flights, trains, and accommodations are all in great demand during the cherry blossom season.

Spring is a terrific season to visit Japan because of the pleasant temperatures and bright days.

If you visit Japan in the spring, skip Golden Week, a series of four national holidays that occurs between late April and early May.

They are frequently treated as one extended vacation, and transport and lodging are often completely booked far in advance.

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The Best Time to Visit Japan

Summer is unquestionably the worst season to visit Japan.

Summer begins with a punishing wet season marked by violent storms and even typhoons.

Summer days without rain are frequently drab and dreary, and without rain, temperatures and humidity soar in Japan.

During the summer, not every one of Japan has been impacted the same manner.

During the rainy season, Hokkaido and Okinawa fare better than the rest of Japan.

Humidity and heat are significant factors, particularly in tropical Okinawa.

Summer in Japan is often quieter due to the weather.

Flights and hotel rates to Japan might be cheaper this time of year.

Summer in Japan is marked by several traditional festivities and spectacular fireworks displays.

Along with the heat and extended school vacations from mid-July to late August, these festivals help generate a lovely joyful mood throughout Japan in late summer.

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The Best Time to Visit Japan

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