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It is quite simple nowadays to install a few electronic gizmos around the house to help you keep a watchful eye. A lot of the high-tech surveillance gadgetry used to be associated with secret agents, the police, private investigators, and jealous husbands and wives. The rapid evolution of internet pornography has also attributed to people being wary of hidden cameras. There are however quite legitimate uses for such video equipment in the home, uses that don’t involve voyeurism or solving crimes. The operative word here is safety.

That’s right, a normal everyday family may want to monitor the house to ensure the safety of the inhabitants, especially if able-bodied and responsible adults of the household are often away for work. Even if you are at home you might want to be aware of what’s going on in other areas of the house, which is particularly useful for settling children’s arguments about “who started it” or “who broke it”. As you will see there are a number of good uses video surveillance equipment can be put to.

Monitoring grandparents

Old folks will often complain about you not visiting enough and not having anyone to help them out, but there is another aspect of being old that you need to be concerned about rather than just boredom and not being able to reach high shelves and carry a lot of groceries. The thing is that there is often not a lot of time on our hands, and even if there where we couldn’t be beside the elderly all the time.

Falling over and getting hurt happens a lot with old people and if say a grandmother lives by herself this can mean that if she were to be seriously hurt there wouldn’t be anyone around to help her. Another thing is dementia and even just plain old forgetfulness. Old people will often forget to take their medicine or that they have a doctor’s appointment. If you have video surveillance equipment installed in their house you can keep an eye on them and be ready if there is a need for intervention.

Monitoring your kids

How many times has a parent told a child: “Go to your room and do your homework”, without giving it a second thought or checking up on the kid. The oldest trick in the book is the old “pretend you’re studying when you hear someone at the door”, and kids have a mind like a sponge and an incredible imagination so it is easy for them to get bored with mundane things like studying. Having a computer, smartphone and a number of similar devices just make it harder for them to focus, and this will reflect on their grades no matter how hard they tell you they’ve studied.

If they know you are watching them they will have to actually study, no matter how boring it gets. The best thing is to let them study in the living room or kitchen and have a camera on them, as you want to let them have full privacy in their own rooms, to which they can go when they’re finished with the homework. Small kids in particular can be very destructive or careless if left to them, and babies need to be watched even more closely so having cameras really make your life easier.

Monitoring babysitters, housemaids and people working around the house

Teenage babysitters will often invite their boyfriends/girlfriends or just some friends over the house so they can have some fun while the kids are asleep. Sometimes they will steal something or cause some property damage and blame it on the kid. A nice little covert camera will tell you what they are up to and whether or not they can be trusted.

The same goes for people that freely wander around your house like maids or workers doing repairs. You don’t really have the reason to trust these people that you barely know, and a camera will keep them in check. In some cases, it is better to have clearly visible cameras to serve as a deterrent, like with having a bunch of workers in the house, while in others you might want hidden cameras to catch someone red-handed, like your son’s friend who is always around shortly before some cash or jewelry goes missing.

These are some of the benefits of owning video surveillance equipment. You might find other uses for the equipment and opt for visible or hidden cameras to monitor your home. There are plenty of options and this article was just an attempt to broaden your horizons and help you see the some of functionality of high-tech surveillance equipment.


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