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Reading nooks can be the most favorite place of your child if they are adorned beautifully. The advantage of creating a reading corner in homes is that it doesn’t need any room; you can easily create this small corner in any big room of the house. Like my dining room was quite spacious, so I thought to create a small reading corner for kids. It should neither be so small nor so large. It must be according to the kid’s desire as the place is going to create for him specially. So if it’s decorated according to kids’ choice, they will spend more time in the corner and can attentively concentrate on studies.


The corner room is a small place that can be decorated with little furnishing because too much furnishing can create an overwhelming look. So I decorated two big single sofas at the corner and placed one glass table in the center. And some cushions around sofas. If the floor is already embellished with tiles, then it doesn’t need to cover the floor with carpet. But if it’s in a dull or neutral color then place a small rug in the center of the area. If the room has much space then you can add racks for placing kids study stuff. But make sure that study stuff must be organized in a proper way. At the corner, I thought to place a big lamp which was giving a perfect look.


The application of sectioned wallpaper can make your corner room elegant and spectacular. Sectioned wallpapers are actually used to distinguish one place from another. So I also wanted to create that pristine look by applying different wallpaper from all other areas. Wallpaper was confined with kid’s favorite cartoons Mickey mouse and the pooh. For further embellishment, I thought to preserve kids’ photos to canvas and hanged them up with Mickey Mouse wallpaper. That was looking extraordinarily unique. Most people fill up the place by hanging different paintings, but if it’s preserved for kids’ study matters then I think all implementation should be according to study stuff.


The area is preserved for kids’ studies, so it should enlighten with proper lighting systems. Only one small lamp isn’t enough to brighten up the whole area. So I thought to install a key light at the above corner which was enough to sweetly brighten up the entire place.


As it is a small place for reading so it is not supposed to dominate too much. Because lots of decorations can divert the attention of children from studies and secondly room will give a somewhat overwhelming look. So I thought to apply some simple adornments and relish the look by adding beautiful small flower pots at the window sides. They give a fresh and lively look to the room. Moreover, I thought to convert photos on small printed canvas by using the application of image printers and decorated it on a small glass table. This was an elegant addition to create a perfect look. Furthermore, I thought to install a small chandelier over the roof. It gives a decent and elegant look. And create lightning effects. The addition of small decoration pieces on the glass table can also create a soothing look.

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