Is there a trick to choosing the right firewood for my fireplace

Is there a trick to choosing the right firewood for my fireplace

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Advances in technology over the phase few decades have provided alternatives to wood as a fuel option. Gas fireplaces and stoves have become popular choices, especially now that the manufacturers have created realistic gas logs and flames. Outdoor rooms are popular and most of them include outdoor stainless steel for wood-burning and gas fireplaces. Wilshire fireplace carries different brands in both choices. There are also portable or freestanding units. Wilshire fireplaces carry both cast iron and cast stone outdoor fireplaces and fire pits. Patio heaters that are portable and wall installed are also available in Infratech and gas. Wilshire fireplace carries a variety of them in different sizes with assorted BTUs. New products in the market in contemporary units are also available with ethanol. These are ventless fireplaces that can be installed inside and outside.

To build a good fire, wood should be split and stacked undercover in the early spring to be ready for burning. Dry firewood should be used because it burns up to 25% more efficiently, produces fewer creosote deposits and ignites faster, and smokes less a dis lighter to carry. Wilshire fireplace has all the accessories, like grates, log lighters, gas starters, butane lighters, cape cod lighters, screens, toolsets, andirons, and fenders for all your fireplace needs. All the fireplace accessories can be custom-made and can be ordered in a variety of different finishes.

Hardwoods and softwoods are chemically similar, but they differ in density. Hardwoods are denser, so they produce a longer-lasting fire. Fatwood is one of the items being carried by the Wilshire fireplace as a starter for fires. softwoods make the best kindling. Loosely stacked wood will burn quickly, a more compact load will burn slower. Wood should be carried in log holders and stored in specially designed baskets or wood holders. Wilshire fireplace carries a selection of wood holders and baskets in different finishes for just this application.

The fire should be positioned forward enough in the firebox so it will get plenty of air without smoke spilling into the room. For smoking problems, Wilshire specializes in custom smoke plates made in metals and glass. There are prefab fireplaces available for gas and wood-burning, Also prefab masonry fireplaces are available also. Fire screens and glass doors are recommended so that no sparks can escape from the fireplace. Wilshire fireplace specializes in all kinds of shapes and custom sizes and finishes for your fireplace needs.

Robert Howard consults in custom fireplace design for Wilshire Fireplace Shops in Sandiego California selling fireplace inserts, fireplace accessories, mailboxes fireside entrances/doors, firescreens, cheats, antique andiron, toolsets, gas logs, fenders that come in handy for innovative contemporary, traditional, antique fireplaces.

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