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How to Survive The Holidays With Diabetes

There is nothing better than enjoying good food and good company during the holidays! Consuming and drinking sugary foods and beverages, on the other hand, might make it more difficult to regulate weight and blood sugar levels, which may not leave you feeling cheerful.

Stay on track with your diabetes management with these seven tips to survive the holiday season

Don’t Skip Meals!

To save themselves for Thanksgiving meal, many individuals forego breakfast and lunch on Thanksgiving. This has implications for diabetics. First, it may cause low blood sugar, particularly if you’re on insulin or a sulfonylurea. Second, it may make you hungry, leading to overeating at supper and blood sugar increases.

No need to have a big breakfast or lunch on a trip, but they should be balanced and well-spaced. A basic turkey sandwich with Sweet and Crunchy Deli-Style Pickles cooked with Splenda Granulated Sweetener would do for breakfast and lunch. A Splenda Diabetes Care Shake may also be used to substitute breakfast or lunch. Dietary protein, carbs, and fats in each 8-ounce smoothie help control blood sugar levels and keep you satisfied.

Host a healthy party

The person who is hosting the holiday party likely has a lot of things on their roster. A lot of this could be done ahead of time: planning your meals and shopping for food. It could also be baking, cooking, cleaning, decorating, and setting the table.

Remember to look after yourself in the days before the holiday party, in order to look after your guests. To keep your blood sugar in check, eat your meals on time and get enough sleep every night. It’s also important to set notifications to take your medicines if you are taking them.

Do not spend too much time around the food table

Prolonged lingering at the dinner table may result in mindless eating, which refers to eating while preoccupied or unaware of what or how much you are eating. Unsurprisingly, attentive eating is the polar opposite of thoughtless eating. Mindful eating is being deliberate about what you consume at the meal table.

You are completely aware of the meal, its flavour and aroma, its texture, and its effect on your body. When you practice mindful eating, you regain control and, as a result, often consume less food.

Drink a lot of water

Drinks may contribute significantly to the “hidden” calories and sugars in the diet. That’s because they don’t feel as satisfying as meals, and so you may be unaware of the number of calories and sweets you’re consuming.

For instance, a 12-ounce can of ordinary cola includes around 140 calories and 40 grams of added sugar! That is more sugar than one individual should consume in a whole day! The American Heart Association advises that most women consume no more than 24 grams of added sugar per day and most men consume no more than 36 grams per day.

Instead of sugar, try Sweetener Packets or Sweetener Liquids to sweeten your Christmas tea or coffee.  or simply just drink more water.



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