Frank Lampard maintains Chelsea were the ‘better team’ in their loss to Real Madrid.

Frank Lampard maintains Chelsea were the 'better team' in their loss to Real Madrid.

Despite bowing out of the Champions League with a 2-0 loss to Real Madrid on Tuesday, Chelsea’s Frank Lampard argued that the Blues were the superior team on the evening.

N’Golo Kante and Marc Cucurella missed early opportunities to tie the game for Chelsea, but the Blues ultimately fell victim to Rodrygo’s two second-half

goals, extending their winless streak to its longest since February 1995. Despite the loss, Lampard was eager to highlight the positives and insisted that Chelsea displayed clear evidence of improvement.

“We played really well for 60 minutes,” he told BT Sport.

“And maybe it’s normal, after the goal, 3-0 in the tie, we made some changes to go for it… maybe it’s normal how the game pans out.

“But for 60 minutes, really good. Really good chances. At this level, you want to take them. You have to take them. You don’t want to praise the performance too much when you lose, but of course, where we’ve been this season and where we are…

“In this moment, it wasn’t out night. Some players will take that tonight and understand what it is when they come back at this level.”


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