Ex-SpringBok was Assaulted at a Nightclub After the Mbombela Test

Ex-SpringBok was Assaulted at a Nightclub After the Mbombela Test

Grant Esterhuizen, a former Springbok centre, was attacked in a nightclub outside of Mbombela the day after seeing the Rugby Championship Test between South Africa and New Zealand on Saturday.

The Springboks’ 2000 Test player Esterhuizen, 46, released the information on his Facebook page and pleaded for assistance in finding the perpetrators.

He wrote: “Looking for two not so gentle men who took the time on Saturday night to hit me from the side and the back. These individuals belong to a motorcycle club in Nelspruit. 

“Short guy with thin facial hair short dark hair. Tall thin fella with dark bushy hair moustache and goatee. The taller guy was wearing a blue and black check shirt. Both were wearing motorcycle club cuts. Please help me find these criminals and prevent this from happening to anyone else in the future.”

The former Lions midfielder provided further details on the incident during an interview with Jacaranda FM on Wednesday.

“We were standing outside [the club] and this one guy comes to me and says he feels like he wants to hit me,” Esterhuizen told the Pretoria radio station.

“I turned my back towards him and carried on with my conversation and the next thing I got hit really hard from the side. That’s pretty much the last of what I can remember.”

“I’m pretty straightforward. When I have a couple of drinks, I always say I’m a lover and not a fighter.

“This was just one of those random acts of violence. The guys looked like they belonged to a motorcycle club. They were out to hurt someone.”

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