Dwayne Bravo is Set to Retire from International Cricket After the T20 World Cup

Dwayne Bravo of the West Indies has declared that he would retire from international cricket after the end of the T20 World Cup in 2021.

Bravo said that he has had a successful career and that the time has finally come to retire. Bravo also expressed gratitude for having served the West Indies cricket team for 18 years and experiencing several ups and downs during his remarkable career.

Bravo also expressed pride in the period in which he played since the West Indies team was able to establish themselves on the world scene and also win several trophies to demonstrate their quality.

“I think the time has come. I’ve had a very good career. To represent the West Indies for 18 years, had some ups and downs, but as I look back at it I’m very grateful to represent the region and the Caribbean people for so long.

“One thing I am proud about is that the era of cricketers we had we were able to make a name for ourselves on the global stage and not only do that but have silverware to show for it,” said Dwayne Bravo

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