Do Math Homework Help Services Actually Work?

Need help with homework? There are a lot of good resources out there for getting tips on how to do your homework. The bad news is that most of them don’t work. Why? Because the majority of homework help sites are just rip-offs that exist solely so that their creators can bill your parents or school money for their services. 

Lying about having tutors, providing no service, and making fake websites to convince you that they have more resources than they actually do are all common tactics among these services and they don’t work. In this article, we break down why these services don’t work and what you should instead do if you need math homework help.

Why Do Math Homework Services Don’t Work?

While there are some legitimate companies that offer math homework help, there are also many sites that don’t offer homework help at all. They try to trick you into believing that they do, but in reality, they’re just trying to make money by scamming students. They don’t have actual tutors who have experience helping others with homework. They make websites that are full of fluff and fancy language. They often use fake testimonials and pictures of people who don’t even exist. When you look at it this way, it’s easy to see why these services don’t work.

What Should You Do Instead of Paying for Math Homework Help?

First things first: if you need help with math homework, you must get help. There are plenty of resources available for students who need help with math. You don’t need to pay for help from your parents, grandparents, a teacher, or an online tutor. You can find help for free! There are plenty of tutors, teachers, and websites that provide free assistance for those who need it. You can also look for additional resources online or ask your parents for additional help. There are also plenty of programs that provide assistance for both math and science. Many of these, like and Khan Academy, provide assistance for all subjects. You can find these types of services at your local school or even at your local community centre.

Free Sites to Get Math Help

There are plenty of websites out there that provide free math help. Some of these such as Khan Academy and provide assistance specifically for math, while others such as and Udemy have a more general focus but also provide free math help. These websites often have interactive lessons, quizzes, and interactive tools that allow you to practice math. While they may not have tutors, these are great resources for practice so that you can successfully complete your own math homework.

Paid Sites for Math Help

Some people prefer to use sites that charge a fee for math help. These sites can be a great option for those who struggle to understand math concepts, including those with disabilities or who are simply struggling in school. You can expect to pay anywhere from $19-$250 per month for these services. Some of these sites, such as and The Great Tutor, charge a flat fee each month and let you pay as often as you like. Others, like, require you to sign up for a year and pay a one-time fee for the rest of that year.

Word-of-Mouth, Bloggers, and Forums

The final way you can get math help is by word-of-mouth. You can ask a friend, your sibling, or a teacher to explain a problem to you. Once they explain it, you can ask them to explain it again. This is the best way to learn math because you have to understand a problem first and then find a way to explain it to someone else. You can also use online forums to get help. While they won’t have anyone who can tutor you in person, they will allow you to ask questions and receive help from other students.


Math homework can be challenging. Finding the right help, whether it’s getting an online tutor or a math program, can make it easier to succeed. Paying for help will likely be more convenient than trying to find help for free. However, you should not pay for help if you find it for free. Word-of-mouth is a great way to get help with your math homework, and you can also ask your teachers or parents for help. There are plenty of resources to get you through math homework, and you just need to know where to look.

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