A cover letter is another “pleasant thing” that online resume services can provide to their clients. Yet only a handful of job-hunters avail of this benefit whenever they seek the help of these entities as they walk through the job search trail. Cover letters provide potential and future employers a glimpse of what a job seeker can do to their company. It gives highlights the passion and interest of the job seeker in a particular job position.

Why do resume services encourage their clients to attach cover letters with their curriculum vitae? Here are the reasons:

Adds to Resume

When submitting a cover letter, it goes to show that the job seeker is giving out additional information that the resume cannot give. A resume will only give a glimpse of practical information about the job seeker like previous working experience, skills, academic life, or even internships. A cover letter, explains why the job seeker opts to complete the chosen academic degree listed on the resume plus explains why he/she enjoys working in the chosen field.

Context provided

It supplies context about the job application. A cover letter is being written to clarify if the job seeker is pertaining to the availability of a specific job position. In this way, the employer would know what position the job seeker is looking for. Remember that there are a lot of applications for different job positions. So make it stand out.

Offering an explanation

The job seeker should state his/her gaps between academic works and employment positions. In cover letters, the job seeker explains anything that occurred on your employment history and the works he/she made. The cover letter is the detailed part of the job seeker’s resume.

Catch interest

If the job seeker wrote a detailed yet giving a focus on his/her cover letter, then this might catch the interest of the potential employer. A well-written cover letter should be free from grammatical lapses and typo errors. Make it organized and well-phrased. Plus put an emphasis on the strategies you can impart to the company.

There are several helpful tips in writing a cover letter:
 Address your cover letter to a specific person.
 Write an appealing first paragraph to catch the attention of the employer.
 State your three or four accomplishments.
 Do not incorporate negative information.
 End your letter requesting an interview.
 Keep your cover letter to one page only.

Including application letters in resumes that will be sent to various employers is the same as giving a girl dozens of roses or a box of chocolate, accompanied by a letter, stating the guy’s intention!

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