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Best Colors You Can Choose for Your Modern Bathroom Vanities

Colour is crucial for a bathroom remodel. It can help in establishing a mood and atmosphere in the bathroom space and act as a dressing for the architecture and other design elements of the bathroom that comprises your interior style. 

As you get ready to update the bathroom, you can decide to just refresh the colour scheme you have implemented in the space or change it when you plan on remodelling. But for a dramatic transformation, you can consider choosing a new colour for the modern bathroom vanities, which helps in reinforcing and showing off the rest of the remodelling work you have done. 

Your decision regarding the bathroom vanities should not be made in a vacuum. You should have a design and plan in mind. When it comes to discount bathroom vanities, you need to choose a colour that goes with the design and style of the bathroom. Don’t forget to consider the colour of the walls and the kind of tile and flooring you are using for renovating and other finishes. 

To help you with the decision-making process, we are going to list the top colours you can consider for bathroom vanities in MN.

Sage Green

Greens can be a great choice for bathroom vanities. You can choose from different shades of green. From a fun green to fresh green, you are going to find it all. But sage green is one of the most popular choices. It is also called Calke Green. The rich and subtle green can appear sophisticated and timeless. It helps in making a statement with a deep verdant beauty and doesn’t suffocate you. 


Gray is another favourable colour that you can choose for your master bathroom vanity ideas. Since it is neutral, it adds more richness and depth to the bathroom while being compatible with the different finishes, colours, and styles. If you want a modern and minimalist bathroom, it can be a perfect choice. 

You can also get a mix of grey and beige known as greige. It is also becoming popular with time. Based on the ratio of grey to beige, you use greige as a cool or warm neutral. You can brighten up the grey bathroom with touches of colours, such as green, blues, yellows, and oranges.

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Matte Black

Don’t forget to consider black for your bathroom vanity ideas. It is a dominating colour used for bathroom vanities. You will come across matte black faucets, toilets, sinks, and bathtubs. So, you can use matte black vanities with a lighter colour for the walls and tile. It will help in elevating the atmosphere of the bathroom and change to a luxurious and chic environment. If you want to give it a sophisticated look, you can add a designer sink with lavish stone countertops and golden faucets. 


Pine colour has also become pretty popular. Like sage green, it is a nature-centric colour that is interesting instead of overwhelming. It might be a little challenging to work a pine-green bathroom vanity in the design as you will have to use a lot of wood accents and neutrals. However, the result is going to be incredible. 


Would you like to choose an alternative dark bathroom vanity? You can go with a moody or deep navy hue. It is a peaceful colour that pops in a room that has been painted cream or white. The colour is going to remind you of the ocean. It is a perfect choice if you want a beach or coastal-themed bathroom. But it also works in the traditional bathroom with touches of mahogany and gold accents. If you have a contemporary and sleek space, it will go well with that, too.

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