7 Essential Things to Do on a Visit to Budapest

Budapest was restored as the Hungarian capital when communism collapsed. Once known as the food capital of the world, Budapest’s legendary gastronomic scene was destroyed with the advent of state control over the restaurants. Before you go it is always a good idea to evaluate what type of travel insurance if any, is suitable for your needs. When you do go be sure to consider these seven must-see sights in Budapest.


7 Essential Things to Do on a Visit to Budapest

This is the best place to start any Budapest tour. A one-kilometer long plateau above the city, Castle hill offers spectacular views, medieval monuments, and museums that were heavily damaged during WWII. This area has now been carefully restored.


7 Essential Things to Do on a Visit to Budapest

Unlike other former communist cities in Europe that attempted to erase any evidence of their communist past, Budapest continues to maintain this monument to the communist era. Perhaps as a remembrance not to make the mistakes of the past.


7 Essential Things to Do on a Visit to Budapest

Budapest is known as the city of spas with numerous baths some dating to the 16th century fed by thermal springs are renowned for their healing qualities. The Gellért Baths are among the most popular, built in the early 20th century, the architecture of this bath is so stunning that it is one of the most photographed spas in Europe. Once you have benefited from the spa’s healing properties you may decide not to exercise the health benefits of your travel insurance policy.


7 Essential Things to Do on a Visit to Budapest

An evening buffet dinner cruise with music and dance performances provide an excellent backdrop to the real show which is the lights of the city as you leisurely float along this famous river.


7 Essential Things to Do on a Visit to Budapest

This poignant reminder to the horrors of Nazi occupation in Budapest is worth the time spent for a quiet and reflective stroll along the Danube. There are no plaques and no explanations. None is necessary.


7 Essential Things to Do on a Visit to Budapest

The Royal Palace was home to Hungarian royalty from the 14th century. Destroyed, conquered and rebuilt at least a half dozen times since the original structure was erected, the Palace is now open for tourists to come and learn more of Hungarian history.


Budapest is a shopping mecca. High-end shops mixed with old-world bazaars will tempt even the most disciplined budget traveler. Just remember your travel insurance doesn’t provide coverage for overspending!

Do you need travel insurance when traveling to Budapest? There are numerous types of policies that will provide protection for you in your travels. Some of the most valuable are those which provide coverage during medical emergencies missed flights and even stolen cash. A good travel insurance policy can improve your trip by putting your mind to rest so you can enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of your wanderings abroad.

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